Otokoto Ginny is a 4th level Leopard and one of the main antagonists in the first book Akata Witch. He is a cunning clever and power-hungry man.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Otokoto Ginny was once an intelligent and skilled Leopard who was mentored under Ozoemena he was described as being a man with a large appetite for many things. At age 34 he reached the 4th level Oku Akama several years before he was even allowed to take the test. As he improved his abilities Otokoto developed a lust for wealth in the Lamb world and became a greedy oil dealer that made big business ventures with top American companies. Wealth and status in the Lamb world were not enough for Otokoto he wanted it in the Leopard world too and started to acquire chittim in horrible ways and looking into dangerous Juju practices. When Ozoemena found out what he was doing he killed her.

Recent Events Edit

Otokoto begins to kidnap children and perform ritual sacrifices and occult activities on young children, Black Hat seems to be targeting children younger than 16 years old throughout Nigeria. His cruel actions have created a panic in both the Leopard and Lamb world. His victims would all be marked with the symbol of black hat, the media now calls him BLACK HAT.

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