Chichi is a mysterious Leopard person of many talents. She, along with Sasha, have Photographic Memory, causing them both to be very intelligent, likewise allowing them to skip school. This is a reason why Sunny didn't meet her until led to her by Orlu. She is cunning, clever but often uses these talents in an uncool manner; Such as when she compliments men until they get excited; then scolds them and says she's 10 or 13 or whatever age she feels like going with at that moment.

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Personality Edit

Chichi is a mysterious and mischievous, but also very cunning and intelligent.She likes playing tricks on people and playfully teases her friends.


Chichi is described as "...fine-boned, dark brown and elfin" "...Her voice was loud strong and arrogant" by Sunny at their first meeting.


Early Life Edit

Chichi was born to Asuquo Nimm, a Nimm Priestess; and Nyanga Tolotolo, a famous musician (Sunny's father's favorite musician). Her father took off when she was younger and never sent money or help to her and her mother despite her parents being the best of friends before Chihi was born. A man who Chichi says is "useless" as all she has to show for it are "three old CDs and a DVD of his videos".

Chichi lives with her mother in a hut filled with numerous books.

Relationships Edit

By the end of the first book, it seems as if the two -Chichi and Sasha - are dating, but, in the sequel, she cheats on him with Sunny's older brother, she later dumps 'Chukwu -the brother- and returns to Sasha' who welcomes her with open arms.

-just to clarify here. At this point in time, Sunny is thirteen and Orlu is fourteen. Chukwu is starting university (18). Chichi could be either older or younger than all of them. Meaning that she could be 12 dating an 18-year-old or perhaps 15 or 16 dating an 18-year-old. Sasha is fourteen in the first book so he's 15 in the second. This means that the two -Chichi and Sasha could be the same age or she could be older or younger than him-

Family Edit

Asuquo Nimm; Nimm Priestess

Nyanga Tolotolo - Chichi does not have a relationship with her father, as he left when she was younger. She referred to him as "useless" as he has never provided her and her mother. All she has of her father are old CDs and a DVD of his video.

Friends Edit

Orlu EzulikeEdit
  • Have known each other since they were little and started their journey as a Leopard scholar at the same time. Continued their studies with each other
Sunny NwazueEdit
  • A friend of Orlu's from school. Upon meeting her, Chichi was unkind but they worked over their differences, eventually leading to a blossoming friendship and Sunny getting her first real girl friend ever.
Sasha JacksonEdit
  • A fellow first-level -Ekpiri- Leopard person. Sasha also has a photographic memory. He, however, is an American-born Leopard person like Sunny. But, unlike her, he is the descendant of slaves while Sunny is still Nigerian. Chichi and him, bonded over their shared gift of Photographic Memory and they were each impressed at the other's knowledge of higher level juju. Leading them to become close friends and more...


Ekwensu is a masquerade who had been hunting for Anyanwu -Sunny's spirit face- for quite a while. They defeat her at the end of the first book but have to face her again at the end of the second. 

Black Hat Otokoto is a Leopard person who was intent on gathering Lamb wealth. He used his magic to do so and was a big threat to the Leopard Community as well as the Lamb Community.

Leopard Abilities Edit

Special Abilities Edit

Chichi is granted with the talent of Photographic Memory, allowing her to skip school as she would get bored easily as she wouldn't have a challenge memorising all the material nor would she have satisfaction from a good grade.

Spirit Face Edit

Chichi spirit face's name is Igri and speaks with a deep male voice. It is as long as her forearm and looks like a perfectly carved ceremonial mask made from a hard marble-like periwinkle substance. The eyes are squared indentations and are coloured with what seems to be blue paint, and two white lines run from the eyes all the way down to the chin. The nose was long and outlined with white and the mouth was a large black grin.

Juju Knife Edit

Chichi's Juju knife has a bronzed blade and a jade handle.

Trivia Edit

  • Chichi usually wears a "battered dress and,... no shoes"
  • Chichi is the one who told Sunny about Leopard people first. Leaving that mess to be resolved by the coven's voice of reason -Orlu- as usual.
  • Chichi is usually apathetic, even evident in the way she treats her love interests, especially in Akata Warrior  where she switches between Chukwu and Sasha often and without considering their feelings. 
  • Chichi and her mother live in a simple hut, proving that they do not need Lamb wealth or Lamb property specifically.
  • Like Sunny, Chichi is of Igbo/Efik ethnicity.
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