Fast Facts For Free Agents is a book written by Isong Abong Effiong Isong. The book is a featured through out the first novel.

It is a guide book for Free Agents who want to know the ins and outs of the Leopard world. The book offers valuable key advice and historic events and information of important people that every Leopard person should know. These things include spells, potions, masquerades, chittim and discovering ones natural abilities as well as the massacre of Leopard people around the world known as 'The Great Attempt'.

Although the book is helpful the author comes across as condescending to Free Agents and perhaps harbours some disdain. She often refers to Free Agents as being ignorant children in comparison to those who were born into Leopard society. Sadly this is one of the few books that is available for Free Agents.

Trivia Edit

The style of how Facts Facts is written could be a callout to the way Western writers and publications would talk about Africa and Africans. Namely In the Shadow of the Bush by P. Amaury Talbot Their work may offer useful information but they see the people they are writing about as inferior and holds many stereotypes that persist to this day

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