Isong Abong Effiong Isong is a Leopard scholar and the author of Fast Facts for Free Agents. She is one of the most knowledgeable Leopard people of all time, and is among the few elite who was able to pass the 4th Leopard level.

Biography Edit

Isong fled from Nigeria to Europe after a experience with armed robbers to Europe, she finally settled in the US where she believed was the place where civilised ideas where being made. During her time abroad she developed the feelings that Free Agents where the lowest of all Leopard society, she saw them as weak minded, ignorant and misguided. Due to her experience in with the armed robbers in Nigeiria, Isong went on to hate everything Nigerian and African.

Isong's hatred for Free Agents ultimately show up in the guide book in the way how she addresses the assumed Free Agent reader and her bias toward Leopard people paints them as perfectly imperfect individuals void of any insecurities which is not the case her views do sully her book. Unfortunately she is the only scholar who took the time to pen a book for Free Agents as most Leopard people do not even think about them because they are such a rare occurrence.

Trivia Edit

  • Readers have noted that the character of Isong Abong Effiong Isong may be dealing with issues of internalised racism and colonialism.
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