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"A Leopard person goes by many names around the world. The term "Leopard person" is a West African coinafe derived from the Efik term "ekpe", "leopard". All people of true ability are Leopard people. And as humankind has evolved, so have Leopard folk around the world organized"

'-From Fast facts for Free Agents

Leopard People are people that have magical abilities and can perform various spells using a Juju knives. All Leopard people have one special ability that only they can do without the aide of their Juju knife. This ability manifest as some type of physical or mental abnormality as ChiChi points out the spiritual effects the physical.For example a very tall person can tell the future by looking at the stars.

Leopard people have a secret society hidden to the world of the Lambs with their own set of rules, currency and laws. Not all Leopard people are human.


Leopards have a society that there are levels that denote a person's ability in Juju

Ekpiri []

The 1st level, is achieved by becoming initiated into Leopard society.  This usually happens around age fourteen.


The 2nd stage that takes a lot of studying and practice to reach and is usually attained for the majority of Leopards at the age of 17.


The 3rd level is much harder to attain as a Leopard person needs to enter into the spirit world to meet with Masquerades and ask for permission to become Ndibu.  

Oku Akama[]

The final stage that a Leopard can reach and the most unattainable and the process of becoming a 4th level Leopard isn't known to many people. However there are only 8 living people within Nigeria that have managed to to reach this level among these 8 include Sugar Cream, Taiwo, Kehinde and Anatov and Black Hat Otokoto.

Free Agents[]

Free Agents are Leopard people who are born without a magical parent and have to learn how to adapt from the world of the Lambs to the world of the Leopards. Being a Leopard person is not in genetics, it's spiritual, Leopard people tend to marry one and other. Free Agents are people with a lot of spiritual energy probably passed down from a distant relative as it sometimes skips a generation.


The Leopard people are inspired by the real life Ekpe Leopard society.