Orlu Ezulike is Sunny’s classmate-or more-and fellow Leopard Person-in-training. He, along with Chichi, help Sunny to realize her true identity as a Leopard Person.

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Orlu is quiet and generally well-behaved, and is seen and the mediator of and level headed member of the group. He is very knowledgeable and tends to follow the rules.

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"He was a 5'5 black boy." He was described "He had slanted, almost catlike eyes and high cheekbones. He was kind of pretty..." (page 24) 

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Akata Witch

Akata Warrior

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Chichi of Nimm

Sasha Jackson -

Sunny Nwazue

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Sunny Nwazue

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Orlu has dyslexia which effects his ability to read, his dyslexia is a sign of his special Leopard ability of undoing complex Juju.

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Orlu's spirit face was described as "Orlu's face was square and bright green. It was decorated with thousands of Nsibidi symbols too small for her to read." (page 285)

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