Head Librarian in the Leopard World.

Judges crimes according to the laws of Leopard Society. She eventually becomes Sunny's mentor.

Sugar Cream is the Librarian of the Obi Library in Leopard Knocks.  Because the Leopard world values knowledge and learning above all else, this distinguishes Sugar Cream as one of the most famous and powerful Leopard People in West Africa.  Sugar Cream suffers severe scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, but her deformity is indicative of her ability of shape-shifting:  she can turn into a snake at will.  Sugar Cream considers becoming Sunny’s mentor, but is unsure after Sunny displays questionable behavior in a schoolyard fight.

Regent school(AAS)

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

As a child Sugar Cream was abandoned in a deep forbidden jungle and was, according to some accounts, raised by gorillas. A man found her and gave her some coffee with sugar and cream that's why people call her Sugar Cream.He also taught her the language of Nsidibi and as a result the first Juju she learned wasn't powders or knife work.

Personality Edit

Sugar Cream is a stoic woman, but she can be friendly, as shown when, after punishing Sunny for showing her spirit face to scare Jibaku, starts talking to Sunny about her struggles of being a free agent.

Leopard Abilities Edit

Sugar Cream suffers from scoliosis, her physical deformity manifests as a innate ability to shape shift often choosing a snake.

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