Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock is a large monolith located West of Abuja, Nigeria.

Zuma Ajasco Edit

Zuma Ajasco is the Leopard headquarters of Abuja it is a base of the rock and hidden away from Lambs by powerful old Juju. In December 12th 1991 Abuja was made the capital city of Nigeria replacing Lagos. Leopard scholars in Abuja felt that Zuma Ajasco should also become the central headquarters in West Africa replacing Leopard Knocks. However Leopard Knocks has stood for over a millennium and holds so much history and it would mean displacing and the loss of many important things.

Zuma Ajasco Scholars Edit

There are only two scholars in Zuma Ajasco both of whom have passed the 4th Leopard Level

Madame Koto Edit

Ibrahim Ahmed Edit

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